PhyloReconstructN-ASP is an ASP-based approach to reconstruct similar/diverse phylogenies. In [1], we describe an offline method and three online methods to reconstruct similar/diverse phylogenies. PhyloReconstructN-ASP is a tool for reconstructing similar/diverse phylogenies with the online method 3 of [1]. In this page, we present source files of all the methods mentioned in [1] to reconstruct similar/diverse phylogenies.

The input

The user provides an input matrix which represents the states of the characters of each taxonomic unit, an integer c for the maximum number of incompatible characters, an integer n for the number of to-be-reconstructed phylogenies, and a distance measure (i.e., the user selects one of the built-in distance measures). The user may provide (optional) an integer k for the maximum/minimum distance among phylogenies.

The output

The tool reconstructs n most similar/diverse phylogenies (or n k-similar/diverse phylogenies in case k is provided) with at most c incompatible characters in newick format.


Pre-compiled linux binaries: PhyloReconstructN-ASP (Linux)
Windows executables: PhyloReconstructN-ASP (Windows)


[1]. T. Eiter, E. Erdem, H. Erdogan, and M.Fink. Finding Similar or Diverse Solutions in Answer Set Programming. In Proc. of ICLP'09.